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Onsite Service: $115.00 per hour.
(We do not charge travel time under 30 miles.)
(We charge in 1 hour increments.)

Structured data cabling – CAT6 – $155 per drop under 150ft
(150ft+ $165 /per drop)

Price includes wall fish, cable pull, installing any necessary hardware, and cable management. Each port will be tested and labeled.

Cable is charged at a per foot rate. Prices change frequently, email us at sales@digitalonellc.com for a quote.

In Store Services:

digitalONE offers top-notch professional technicians available Monday Thru Friday, 8am to 6pm. Special after hours arrangements available, please call 336-285-0443 to set up an appointment.

Diagnostic Service: FREE with service.
Hardware and Software diagnostic service, we let you know exactly what is causing the problems, and what the cost will be,before we fix the problem.

OneCare Virus Removal Package: $115.00
Remove unlimited Spyware and Viruses. Includes Free AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software, not only will we get rid of your spyware and viruses, but we will make sure they are less likely to return. We give you a free copy of antivirus software, set up DNS filtering, install alternative web browsers and clean all your temporary files. We also defragment your hard drive and optimize your registry.

WinCare Tuneup Package: $75.00
Having trouble with your computer booting up, crashing or strange errors? We can get your computer back to running like new, without losing any of your pictures, documents, music, or games. WinCare Package includes driver installation and configuration, as well as full data restoration.

Performance Service: $55.00
Customize your system to increase overall performance, reduce bootup time, eliminate crashing, use less memory. We can remove startup entries, clean your registry and look for any possible hardware upgrades, all in one convenient package.

Software Settings Service: $55.00
Do you have new internet service or a brand new music player, or mobile device, and frustrated with getting the settings correct? We can customize software to your preferences, setup your new email accounts, set your home pages, configure your music player or Digital Camera for one low price.

Software Installation: $55.00
Recently purchase a new piece of software but want to make sure it is going to perform like the box says? Bring it to us and we can make sure all the settings are correct and it will operate as advertised.

Hardware Installation: $75.00
Have a new video card, sound card or second hard drive? Let us install it for you and save you the headache of opening the case and getting the settings correct. We can install any device for you all for one low price.

Onsite Services:
Our skilled technicians will come to you and perform any number of services for a rate of $115.00 hourly.
Call us at 336-285-0443 to set up an appointment today.